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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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was leaked of himself. >> the other person that i thought was my best friend was todd clinton. >> he had strong emotion when talking about radio personality >> we became so close we started training every day together and went from 500 pounds down to 2050 pounds. i got him on the cover of body muscle and fitness. we did everything together. >> bubba and his wife had their friend approaching him about having sex with heather and he denied it until a dark day happen in his marriage. >> she said i am filing for divorce. i was crying like a baby on the phone to bubba. i broke down because he knew everything. he knew what i was going through. >> when he went to bubba's house that night that is when hogan said he let his guard down and told bubba he would have sex
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>> i said you are not filming this are you and he lashed into me. he said what is wrong with you. how dare you say that to me. i would never do that to you. it froze me in my tracks. >> five years later and a phone call from tmc informed him a sex tape is made an leaked. >> i was rocked. i felt numb. >> he says he has a hard time believing the man he called his best friend may have had something to do with it. >> i was holding out hope that bubba did not do this to me. no one had proved to me that bubba had done this. >> he said he never gave gawker permission to post it. >> it is turned my world upside down.>> gawker cross-examined hogan wanting to know why hogan would have asked obama if he was filming this if he never knew there were cameras inside the picture. they will finish cross- examination tomorrow morning at
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live, jennifer titus. padi the dog back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. deputy say she bit a service stock. isabel mascareas is joining us now. >> reporter: patty and her owner are under investigation by manatee county. patty mac that a dog at the clinic this morning. he bit a service dog. the golden retriever puppy was see what appears to be the bite because of the one is a service dog it is protected. under state law patty's owner could face criminal charges. the puppy was a growling and another.this morning and came so he never. director of new horizons with
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patty back to lunch at the puppy. the sheriff's office is investigating animal services. it will not take the case because dog on dog bites do not violate county law. and in the meantime the owner is facing a civil lawsuit from the family of a four-year-old boy. coming up i will have an interview with executive director of new horizons. she has the details of the incident today. isabel mascareas. a haines city man who to to the airways claiming he could not only diagnose that heal the sick is in big trouble. manuel cordova is not a licensed medical doctor. >> the senate undercover operative claiming to have certain ailments and he was then diagnosed and then recommended take certain
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>> on two separate occasions cordova diagnosed undercover officers with kidney and liver problems as well as erectile dysfunction. csrdoba was arrested but has bonded out. this clinic has been shut down. police are asking any patients to come forward. there are some red flags that should've been an indicator that things were not right. we're working on that for 6:00. new information about the crash that brought traffic across the bay to a stop for four hours. the mess on the howard frankland bridge all started with a blown out tire. that set off a clean -- chain reaction crash. the driver of the car was seriously hurt and he is in the hospital. the crash was included till 12:30 pm so we are looking at what goes into cleaning up a
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at one point we counted at least 52 trucks waiting to take the cars away. to word rangers were there. florida highway patrol had help . it's a reminder to always be prepared for traffic because once you are on the bridge there is no getting around. one way to avoid getting stuck is to know what is going on before you hit the roads. download the 10 news app to get updates on news. north korea is threatening to go nuclear on the united states and south korea. north korea says the drills are in preparation for war. last month police conducted fourth nuclear weapons test in the country claimed it used a hydrogen bomb. the funeral for nancy reagan will be friday afternoon . dignitaries are expected. >> we are estimating 1000 ceremony.
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shine. >> the funeral is close to the public but will be televised so the public can pay their she will be buried next to her reagan. sunday. one of the all-time greats peyton manning is retiring from the nfl. friends, family and teammates were there for his announcement in denver today. the nfl's only five-time nbp tried to keep it together while saying goodbye to the sport. >> for the players who are more talented there was no one that could out prepare and because of that i have no regrets. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i will miss you. absolutely i will. >> manning becomes eligible for football hall of fame in five
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a live look at 275, fourth the wind is bumping the camera just a little bit but the roadways are clear. a beautiful day on the beach. temperatures there rising. how warm it is going to get. traffic and weather alerts anytime, download the 10 news app for free. a warning you need to hear about keep -- keeping florida wildlife safe. pelicans at risk of choking. outside chances are you have not just pollen but super pollen. how you can protect your
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marco rubio is doing everything he can to get your vote in this bay area. a new poll out of the area having revealed trailing trump. marco rivera is live at the tampa convention center where the action is tonight. marco rubio will speak any minute now. >> reporter: marco rubio just took the stage a moment ago. you can see the crowd behind me with a few hundred people there. a lot different than what we saw when donald trump came through. he had 50,000 people. marco rubio has a few hundred and they are excited. rubio has to have the supporters and have them come
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line this week. it he wants to make a dent. trump has an advantage in central florida is is why marco rubio is campaigning today. he is trying to display voters. it puts him at the underdog spot. rubio said he has been there before. >> we will have to work hard. we are an underdog. i acknowledge that but i feel good about the progress we are making and i feel optimistic. >> you can see marco rubio is right behind me. let me get off of the stage so you can see him. we will see if this is the case. we have a long way to go for marco rubio to get the nomination. you will get to hear more from the candidates at 6:00. marco rivera. marco rubio is getting support from another politician,
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agriculture adam putnam. florida is a must win the rubio he says. >> as a guy who has known him for 20 years. i started off supporting him. people know his character and they know his vision and his optimistic vision for the future . but there's no question that this is an unusual political climate. >> in the political climate has rubio done enough to win at home in florida. we're digging deeper into how much money his campaign has been here. it comes down to march 15. elections for this party in florida and another state, ohio, and illinois and missouri. a few more chances for candidates to pick up delegates. tomorrow voters for both parties had to the polls in michigan and missouri. idaho is holding its republican
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republican caucus. sneezing, coughing, runny nose and watering eyes. if you are like me and spend your days with tissues you are not alone. the corporate is this. yellowy powdery pollen. it is wreaking havoc on allergies. eric glasser takes a look at who is affected the most and what you can do. >> reporter: if yellow and dusty and class a pain in the rear, it is pollen. it is likely to be hanging around in the air for several days to come. for auto deed -- detailers it is like gold dust from have been. this carwash expecting to see 25,000 customers this month alone. >> but for some like six-year-
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>> i had a sore throat and coughing. >> an allergic reaction to the pollen made for an emergency during his pe class. >> he couldn't breathe. >> allergies and bronchial issues are keeping doctor mona magnan busy. >> it is bad this season she says thanks to a warmer winter with what she calls super pollen. >> plans responding to the changes in the climate, primarily temperature. >> you should avoid outdoor activities it susceptible. shut the windows to use your ac and shower before bed each night. >> it takes away all of the pollen you carry around with you. >> for the relief you may want to consider an over-the-counter antihistamine or no spray. consider making an appointment with an allergist because if this is anything like the typical pollen season it is
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eric glasser, 10 news. we are is all suffering here. >> it would be nice to have some rain to wash it all away. >> that is not coming anytime soon. part of the reason we're seeing the super pollen is because we didn't have the cold temperatures across the bay area . it didn't kill off the mold. we are dealing with that. juniper oak and metal, those are the biggest culprits and that is staying in the high cattery -- category until the end of the month. let's talk about something pleasant. take a look at this time lapse from the hotel camera. a gorgeous day at the beach. lots of folks out there soaking up that sunshine. if you didn't get a chance to
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just as nice for tuesday. it is warm out there. 74 st. petersburg. 78 in book still. taking in at 79, sarasota. high pressure in place of that will be the trend as we go through the next several days. off the coast of the carolinas the wind flow today is out of the east. as we head into the next few days the wind flow will change more to the southeast of that area. we will see more moisture moving into the region and more humidity and warmer temperatures. tonight very pleasant. nice and mild, 10:00 69 degrees. 62 by midnight. overnight low of 58. we will call that comfortably cool. low temperatures a little cooler on the nature coast that we can say goodbye to the 40s so improving conditions.
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57 clearwater. moakley -- mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. warm and breezy, winds at 12 miles per hour. temperatures in the high 80s in tampa. wesley chapel 83. bay area, 79 lake woodbranch 82. braided 10 lake woodbranch 82. braided 1060. above average, by seven degrees for this time of year. nice and quiet and not a lot to show you what the storm tracker. you can leave the umbrellas at home all the way through friday and then you may want to get them back out. nothing more than high-level clouds and moisture streaming across the sunshine state with the easterly breezes.
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perfect rather. if you are lucky enough to have the day off maybe you can head to the beach. water temperature 67. air temperature on the sound, 80 degrees. the uv index is 8. seven-day forecast, windy conditions especially thursday with gus uptick 23 miles per hour. we're checking the possibility of showers mainly late friday and saturday. in proving by sunday. the timing may change a little bit so we will be tweaking that every day to help you plan your weekend. you can always keep on top of the weather. download the 10 news app, access to live storm tracker 10 and the sky 10 network cameras. support is growing for two suspended firefighters. i am reginald roundtree. it is surprising. wait until you hear why they were pulled off the street
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who is responsible for putting as at risk. answers about the evacuation at hogans beach in clearwater. people. why this act -- app is facing controversy. an amazing site but a scary story behind these forces on the move. lives. watch 10 news this morning 2:05 tampa bay lightning versus watch 10 news this morning for
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taking a live look outside the mask i-10 network camera. on top of the 10 news studio, the sky looking cloudy and sunshine peeking through in st. pete. it is getting warmer. this is what is coming up tonight. at 8:00 back-to-back episodes of the big bang theory followed by scorpion. you can catch ncis los angeles at 10:00. reginald and me at 11:00. stephen colbert afterword. pretty amazing video from oklahoma of wild horses running they are crossing rivers and
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a grass fire. burning all of that open land there. ranches are trying to her the horses in the right direction. they shouldn't be in any danger as long as they can get to land that is already burned. this is one of several fires burning in the northeast oklahoma area. the region is dry right now with strong winds changing directions. firefighters are having a hard time fighting this fire. baseball fans save the day during spring training. this picture has been all over twitter. essentially he is flying into the crowd during a parade. you can see the man on the left pushes his arm out just in time. he hit that ball in the face. that boy was on the phone. it happened at the espn sports complex at disney. a cbs station says the man
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did marco rubio underestimate the importance of florida. candidates and how they spend their money. following a structural scare , this plaza reopens but is it
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good evening. i am jenny dean. >> three big stories that are happening right now. police in somalia investigating a laptop bomb explosion at an airport. it is the second attack in recent weeks targeting passenger planes.
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checkpoint where al qaeda linked insurgents claimed responsibility for an attack that ripped a hole in a plane. of virginia police officer killed on her first day of the job is being laid to rest. crowds of mourners paying respects to ashley graydon. she is remembered as somebody dedicated to serving others prefer she was killed responding to a domestic dispute . maria sharapova has failed a drug test at the australian open. she's tested positive for melatonin. she has been taking this for 10 years for health issues. it is considered a banned substance but she may be penalize. hogans beach shop, another scare. plaza is back open now but garin flowers explains more. >> reporter: business is back to usual at hogans beach shop in pelican plaza on clearwater beach.


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